"Rammstein: Paris" Directed by Jonas Åkerlund

Rammstein: Paris is a feature length concert film shot live in Paris during Rammstein's "Made in Germany" tour.  See more, including excerpts from the film, here.

"It's the Struts!" Directed by Jonas Åkerlund

A short documentary about the Struts, a British band looking to expand into the US market, while shooting their video for their single "Could Have Been Me"


"Daily VICE - The Klingon Pop Warrior" Produced by VICE Media

This Trekkie translates and performs famous pop songs in Klingon.

"Daily VICE - The Hype Men" Produced by VICE Media

High Octane keeps the crowd pumped for the Indy500.

"Girls Can/Geena" Produced by Starfish Media Group

Sponsored by COVERGIRL. In this short film, model/activist Geena Rocero shares her journey of overcoming gender stereotypes and challenging gender roles with journalist Soledad O’Brien.

"11 Howard" Produced by Convicts Docs

In collaboration with artist Jeff Koons and community organization Groundswell, this short film documents the hand paining of a 150 foot-by-50-foot mural on the side of the 11 Howard Hotel in Soho, Manhattan.


"MLB Always All-Star" Directed by Gary Waksman

MLB Productions' Always All-Star looks back on eight decades of All-Star Game history hosted by Torii Hunter.

"Unprotected" Produced by Starfish Media Group

Television pitch video for a reality series that explores the injustices of child custody battles in the US.